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Is India's new antimalarial drug worth the hype?

I have an article published in Chemistry World today discussing the hype around this drug launch. I've already written about Ranbaxy's new antimalarial drug Synriam on this blog in the two previous posts, but there are a few new pieces of information in the recent article.

Here is a full set of references for the article:
  1. Ranbaxys' press release
  2. Ranbaxy's Synriam brochure
  3. Ranbaxy, Cipla unveil malaria combo drugs - DNA
  4. Daiichi to buy Ranbaxy stakes for $4.6 bn - The Financial Express
  5. Malaria deaths are down but progress remains fragile - The WHO
  6. Jonathan Vennerstrom et al. Nature 2004
  7. Jonathan Vennerstrom et al. J. Med. Chem. 2010

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