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Scientia Pro Publica #36: Coming Soon!

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers, I am going to be hosting the next Scientia Pro Publica Blog Carnival on the 2nd of August. I request you to consider this as an opportunity to show off your great science writing to or share other's science writing with the world and help me attract some readership to my new blogging home. A win-win situation :) I am really looking forward to it.

To share yours, or others', writing, either use this automated submission form or use the cute little widget on the right (be aware that widget doesn't upload when the mother site is nonfunctional, and ALWAYS check your email/spam filter for your submission receipt to be sure it was sent properly). Alternatively, you can also send the link directly to the Scientia Blog Carnival email address or tweet the link with the hashtag #scientia.

As always, we are seeking hosts for upcoming issues -- starting with 13 September, we have open hosting slots for the remainder of 2010 [see schedule]. If you have always wanted to host an issue of Scientia Pro Publica on your blog, now is your chance!

Additionally, we need submissions of excellent quality science, nature and medical blog writing, so don't hesitate to provide your assistance: if you read or write something that you wish to share with a larger audience, be sure to send us the link now.

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