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Turning the Tables: Students take the high seat

The Nature Publishing Group selected six talented young scientists to face five Nobel Laureates in a marvellous event that was very aptly named ‘Turning the Tables’. The aim of the event was to move the focus, for a short time, from the laureates to the students. It was the students who were to be asked questions by the laureates. The event was chaired by the witty Dr. Adam Rutherford of NPG and what followed was an hour of discussion so fascinating that all the people who heard about it declared how much they wish they could have come. 

The laureates were  Prof. George Smoot (Physics 2006), Prof. John Mather (Physics 2006), Prof. Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry 2004), Prof. Ivar Giaever (Physics 1973) and Prof. Sir Harold Kroto (Chemistry 1996).

The discussion included 'the use of graduate students as serfs', 'scientists in politics' and even a time when students gave advice to the laureates... continue reading

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